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Hey all you cool cats and kittens!
Chances are that you and your many online "friends" have all been talking about one thing... Tiger King, the brand new Netflix docu-series about the outrageous zoo-owner/gay-icon, Joe Exotic and his ragtag group of redneck friends and equally-as-bad enemies.
With nothing else to do (because you know, quarantine), I binged the entire series in the comfort of my own home and recorded some commentary tracks for those that also like redneck
This was quite a journey for me, not only for doing this entire 8-episode series solo, but because this story was literally, so hard to believe. Join me as I try to understand what the hell happened and lose my sanity in all the details.
As always, I hope you stay safe and enjoy!
- Andy J.
These commentary tracks are meant to be listened to alongside the series.

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